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From Concept to Completion

FSDF Productions

Along with being a Full Service Design Firm, Full Spectrum has a team for graphic arts and creative services. From 3D Modeling, to our growing Film Production Team. Subscribe to us on Youtube to catch the latest videos as soon as they come out!

3D Modeling

Our 3D Team can take any room/area, real or imagined and turn it into a Virtual 3D space. Doing this allows us to visually edit structure and design, test new ideas, and get both client and designer on the same page to make sure you get the best version of your project.

Laser Accurate Floor-plans & Measurements

Using the power of "State of the Art" lasers, we have the capability of creating floor-plans and room/area measurements down to 1/64th of an inch.  That's pretty dang accurate!


We have a team trained with DSLR Cameras to photograph listings, products, and events. Whatever you need, we can capture and professionally edit it.

Photo-realistic Rendering

Our 3D team goes inside a model virtually and sets beams of light and how those light rays react to different items and materials inside the model. The end result (many hours later) is a photorealistic render. We can even take a photograph in all directions at once allowing us to view it in all directions using a special program or in Virtual Reality. To see some examples Click Here.

Film Production

We have a full Film Production team, who produces a weekly Design Podcast, along with a constant stream of design content. We can film and edit events, music videos, commercial videos, etc... To Check out our design podcast "The Design Perspective" and other design-related videos, Find us at FSDF.TV Also subscribe to FSDF Productions for Short Films and more.

A Survivors Story

FSDF Productions first production short story, A first-hand look at some of the destruction caused by Hurricane Dorian in The Farm at Brunswick,  Carolina Shores.