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3D Models: What are they and why are they important?

What are 3D Models?

3D modeling is the process of developing a mathematical representation of any surface of

an object or space in three dimensions via specialized software. It is essentially a virtual copy

of a predefined space. A specialist who builds these models is called a 3D artist as the manual

modeling process of preparing geometric data for 3D computer graphics is similar to plastic

arts such as sculpting. 3D models are used in a variety of industries(Film, Game Design, and

Animation). As a Company working in the architectural, repair, and design world we utilize these

models to accurately represent what the finished product or area will look like. 

Why is this important?

 For starters, it cuts costs when accurately ensuring you are getting the home, kitchen,

lawn, pool, etc.. of your dreams. When you can model the first draft virtually, you can visually

make changes and upgrades before any actual work is done, saving you from spending lots of

time and money to get an end result that you are not %100 satisfied with. Using the model we

can make upgrades and changes until your new space looks perfect. 

After all, it is your Home or Commercial Property!

Making a virtual model also gets both client and designer on the same page. Anyone can 

tell you how the end result will look, it doesn't mean you are seeing the same vision of luxury and

attention to detail that we are for your space. Every client is unique and has a different list of

wants. The 3D models help us tailor the design specifically to you and it helps you as the client

to understand, provide visual feedback and to feel more comfortable and confident in design


Below are Examples of  Some of our 3D Models

Click ​​and drag to look around

Scroll to adjust FOV*

No! These are not photos,

these are virtually rendered 360 panoramic

still-shots of our 3D Models!!!

Note: Support for VR Headsets Coming Soon!

*Warning: Scrolling out too far causes fisheye effect

*For best results, disable Logitech Smooth Scrolling or any other

scroll altering ad-on or programs.

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